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The Orange Crush PiX Bass range, like the guitar amps, feature everything you would expect from an Orange amp. The Orange CR50BXT includes the acoustically transparent black speaker grille used on the world's leading Orange tube bass series. Whether you're looking for practice, portability or low level rehearsing, this Orange Crush bass amplifier can suit your needs.

The Orange Crush PiX bass amp features a gain control, for adding punch and flare to your bass tone. The 3-band EQ helps you dial in your ultimate bass sound. The bass amplifier's auxiliary input is great for an MP3 player, so you can jam along, or just use the speaker to amplify your tunes. A headphone socket is included for silent practice and jamming. The Orange bass amp's line out and speaker out are included so you can plug the Orange Crush PiX bass amp into an extension for even more powerful bass presence. Weighing in at 40 lbs. the compact Orange Crush PiX bass combo is portable and pumps out that legendary tone with 50W of Orange power.
Orange Amplifiers Crush PiX CR50BXT 50W 1×12 Bass Combo Amp Features:

  • Gain
  • 3-band EQ
  • Master volume
  • Tuner
  • Input for MP3 player
  • Headphone socket
  • Line out
  • Speaker out
  • One 12" speaker
  • Output: 50W RMS

This Orange bass amp packs a mean punch. Own it today!

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